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The importance of cyber security in business environments.

In network security, the basic function of the firewall, is to control the data that goes through networks and to block anything that is not explicitly allowed or safe. Firewalls prevent many cyber-attacks and also unwanted remote access to workstations and business servers by isolating the network and the internet like a retaining wall. Implementing a firewall in a corporate environment is an essential task in order to protect data through a cybersecurity plan. The importance of the use of a firewall in a company lies within the filtering of all data packets that go through the network with previously established parameters. If the IP and port are valid according the parameters, then the packets will be delivered, if not, they will simply be discarded.

Usually corporate use of a firewall focuses on incoming and outgoing cyber-attacks, making it inefficient at preventing malware, ransomware and even phishing attacks. Recently, End to End Point Protection has come in play in order to prevent attacks from within the internal network. At IT Global USA we can implement a variety of cyber security software and tools to protect your business from cyber security threats based on your company needs and budget. Call us at 716-400-0097 for more information.

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